Terbutalina has not stoped growing. The Galician band from Esteiro (Muros) comes to walking their R&R through the principal Galician fests like O Son do Camiño or O Son Rías Baixas among others, as well as some Spanish fests such Fuzzville  where have participed bands and artists as Siniestro Total and Manu Chao.


In 2014, Terbutalina got the prize "Premio ao Mellor Álbum en  Galego" in the "Premios da Música Independente" with his album A Muerte.


In 2015, they take their first big step with the release of the album Al OTOMANO SE LE VA LA MANO, recorded by Tomás Ageitos in "Estudios A Ponte" and mastered by Jim Diamond (The White Straipes, The Sonics...).


For their colaboration with the theatrical company Chévere in the "Eroski Paraíso" drama they got the prize "María Casares 2017" to the "Mellor Música Orixinal".


Terbutalina in 2019 is releasing the new Lp, recordered and produced by Tomás Ageitos in "Estudios A Ponte". This new work has a major influence of the traditional Galician music, with melodies thar transport us to the Costa da Morte and with an atlantic sound.


Follow us to the new adventure!